Man, I TOTALLY should have taken photos of last night’s dinner. Oh. My. GAWD it was good.

So, I, er Santa got me the Complete Cooking Light cookbook for christmas because as I think I mentioned (oh, interjection – my ears just popped and I can hear properly again! sweet!) I’d like to learn how to cook a wider variety of healthy foods. Anyway, last night’s dinner combined two new recipes, which is beyond bold for me, and a new skill.

Did I ever mention to you guys my total aversion to touching raw meat? My best friends (all foodies) think this is beyond hilarious, but I’ve thus var in my life been totally unable to touch the meat without wanting to hurl. Heck, when I was a teenager I couldn’t even be in the refrigerated meat section of the supermarket because of the smell. The mere thought of touching it… gross.

About six months ago my mum (smart woman that she is) suggested that I buy some rubber gloves to handle meat with. A-ha! I said. Maybe I could do it with gloves. After all, it’s not me touching the meat then, right? It’s the gloves? (The things we do to delude ourselves, eh?)

Last night’s recipe required me to use the gloves. Oh yes. The recipe was for lemon and thyme chicken thighs. Now, the recipe called for boneless skinless, but all I could find was boned and with skin, which meant I was going to have to at least skin them before cooking. Holy hannah, people. It wasn’t pretty. However, I got it done and slapped in the ziploc along with the required marinade ingredients (honey, thyme, olive oil, lemon juice). That chilled in the fridge for a couple of hours before getting grilled (on my indoor grill, cause I don’t BBQ in the winter).

While the grilling was underway, I made the best dish EVER. No, really? Ever. Creamy parmesan orzo. Orzo is a rice shaped pasta that I’ve only ever seen in cold salad format before (and they don’t sell it at Loblaws – I had to go to Bulk Barn to get it). Uh, I think I’ll be making this dish pretty much a non-stop staple. It was simple and creamy and delicious. It’s cooked in chicken broth and water until all the liquid is absorbed and then you mix in a little shredded parmesan and some fresh basil. Not gonna lie, I just about wet myself it was so good.

Throw in some sauteed spring beans and I had a real winner of a dinner. Seriously yummy, people.

This learning how to cook thing might work out better than I hoped!