How can you tell the Biggest Loser started tonight? I had pizza for dinner. In my defence… oh fuck it. There is no defence. I really wanted pizza.

Oddly enough, I was so tired last night I only made it to the first 20 minutes of the show, but man, does it look like this is going to be a killer season. What kind of mean twisted producers makes people weigh in in front of their families, friends, colleagues and in at least one case what looked like a whole town? Sick, I tell you. Sick. I think I would have yakked on the spot.

Do you think that by introducing bigger and bigger people, BL is doing a good thing? There have been some disturbing articles about the weigh ins and what people need to do to lose the amount of weight they do (dehydrating themselves, working out 12 hours a day, etc). Is that realistic for the rest of us? Is that really a good thing for us to aspire to?

Was there anything wrong when the BL focused on people who were, yanno, 250 pounds? Seriously… when someone weighs over 500 pounds, how much do you think they can actually change in six months? How much should they change? Aren’t there serious medical ramifications of losing weight too fast, like destruction of your gall bladder?

What do you all think?