Oh, it’s been a rough week for my legs. First, Trainer Ana and her stinking six riser weighted step ups slayed me on Wednesday, then I played cross court shot squash woman on Thursday, and today I went back to the gym for more punishment with Ana.

She likes to bring the pain. I’ve done something to my right shoulder (probably just slept on it wrong) and didn’t want to do a lot of rotational stuff with that arm. So, we did legs. Holy mother of… my fricking legs.

So, what did we do? Four rotations of the following exercises: kettlebell squats, step ups (that sixth riser is, I’m calling it, EVIL – the damn step is above my knee!), jumping (you might remember this as skipping rope) for a minute. Then we did three rotations of these exercises: one legged squat while circling the other foot in a wide arc forward, to the side, back and back to the front (surprisingly painful, kids), a weighted sit up (dude… she made me do full sit ups. Like, knees bent, sit all the way up kind of sit up, while holding a 20 pound bar over my head! evil!), and what I like to think of as the ballet move where your foot’s in a harness and you extend it out to the side while pointing your toe. The harness holds the weight.

There was stretching. My hamstrings are so tight right now that we stretched them three times. You can almost feel them doing their microscopic tearing thing. Guh.

I hurt. I hurt. I hurt. I hurt so much that I’m going to shower and then take a bath. Then I might have a nap. But not before starting my laundry, which means I have to go down and up three flights of stairs. Which might just kill me. If you don’t hear from me next week, it’s because I’m lying on the floor of my house with a hamstring that leaped right off my thigh. Maybe two.

I’m complaining now, but I know… I love my legs. I love their strength. I love the way that muscle feels. So, as I’m creaking my way up the stairs, I’m going to focus on that. And the advil that’s waiting for me at the top.