Man, I woke up early this morning. Really really early. Like, 5:22am early. Couldn’t get back to sleep because I knew I had to get up at 7am for this morning’s squash game. But you know what? Totally worth it.

My legs felt awesome this morning. The shower, the bath, the advil – it all worked. I warmed up on the bike for 10 minutes (thanks to the awesomeness of Roisin Murphy and Jay-Z, it flew by), and popped down to the court to play B, the woman I played on Thursday.

This time we weren’t playing for points, so we got some killer rallies in there. It was so much fun, I could hardly stand myself. I made some truly outstanding shots. And fucked up an amazing number of serves. I really need to breathe before I serve or it goes all wonky. Anyway, we played for 40 minutes with a mere two water breaks for me. She ran me all over the court and back again.

Basically, I haven’t been this sweaty since my last treading class at Fitness Ridge. That was, um, almost ten months ago. I am a seriously sweaty and red faced woman right now. I’m cooling off before showering so I don’t sweat post-shower, that’s how much I ran around. I whacked that ball into submission. It was… awesome. We’re totally playing again.

So, gym four times this week. Definitely three next week. And I’m making my lunches after I shower (homemade spaghetti sauce and rotini! woot!). And I have three dinners already prepped, with two more to make tonight. I’m patting myself on the back right now.

And, since I’m pretty much cooled off, I’m going to pop another advil and take a seriously long shower. And then I’m going to dance around my kitchen to really loud songs from my university years. Because I can.