Man, did I EVER not want to go to the gym today. It feels like my body is falling apart, which Trainer Ana somehow decided to confirm (nice of her, wasn’t it?).

My right ankle is sore, which is worrisome to me because I’ve never had ankle pain before (lots of knee pain, but that’s about it). I’m pretty sure it’s from lateral movement playing squash, and I need to buy squash shoes. That’s an expense I was not expecting. My right foot is sore (that’s my bad foot, and I think it’s a weather thing).

My right shoulder still hurts. No clue what I did. And I’m getting a cold, which is to be expected since I haven’t been sleeping well and about a week ago I hung out with some excessively germy kids, one of whom decided to a) puke on me; and b) drool all over me. Good times.

Anyway, I tried to entice Trainer Ana to go to Milestones for some chocolate ganache torte instead of working out. She was having no none of that. No way, no how. I told her I was tired and cranky and she’d have to be extra perky. She decided she should turn our regular weights/cardio into stretching.

Stretching is hard work, people. Hard work. And rather painful. Luckily, only two of the moves were yoga moves (half lotus and some kind of frog thingy whose name I do not know. Long story short, I have the tightest hip flexors known to man. Just for some anatomy, if you put your finger on the front of your hip, it’s that muscle right there. Ow. We did four hip flexor stretches and each one of them was worse than the one before it. It was the good times.

I’m still getting a cold. My shoulder still hurts. My foot still hurts. My abs now hurt. But I went to the gym. I went, damn it. And I went to the library so I have something to read tonight and this weekend. And now I’m going to bed.