Today was a good day. It started off pretty frustrating because I woke up at 5am. Still, I had breakfast, watched this week’s recorded television, I loaded and ran the dishwasher, and I sorted my laundry. I had a short nap around 9am, which was frustrating because it was short. It did bring me up to almost six hours of sleep though, so that was good.

I went out to the mall, which it feels like I haven’t done in ages. My current house location is not very mall friendly. I bought some squash shoes (holy… not cheap) and some other needed stuff and came home. Lunch, some puzzle doing and BSG watching later, I had another short nap. This time I took some Ativan to get me relaxed enough to sleep. And I changed the sheets, because nothign makes me want to sleep more than crispy clean sheets. Sadly, another short nap – less than 90 minutes. Now I’m up to almost 7.5 hours of sleep.

Went to my parents’ house for dinner with them and my bro and SIL. No dogs today, which was weird. I can’t remember the last time I saw my brother without a dog. But, I digress. Yummy dinner, way too much conversation about the stranger members of my family (and that’s saying something, cause my family is Oprah-worthy), but good on the whole. Mum made the cake that I have been craving for two weeks (thank god, cause I threatened to make it myself last week and I have not one of the ingredients, which would have made it a hellaciously expensive dessert.

I’m going to try to finish my current puzzle tonight because tomorrow night is the Superbowl and my best friends and their rugrats are coming over. There’s nothing like HD football when you’re a sports fan and you don’t have HD. They invited themselves over and I love them so much I’m down with that. Plus, I get some little boy and baby time, which you have to know I love love love. Anyway, I need the table space for food and kid stuff. In order to maintain my “super cool girl” status with Max, I’m gonna have to do something good. What, I have no idea, but something good is called for.

I love this weekend. I love it because my plans are subdued. I’m getting stuff done. And I’m not feeling any pressure. This is definitely a great weekend.