So, this week sucked for photos. Nothing in my life felt at all photogenic. Nothing. I drove to work twice, which messed up my walking outside mojo. And let’s face it – go to work, go home, go to gym, go to sleep, repeat does not make for the most interesting life. Know what I’m saying?

THat said, I totally cheated. I did. I’m admitting it up front. I took four pictures from this group during the actual week in question, and the rest today. But really, ask me if I care. Go ahead. I think you know the answer!

First up, some flower photos. I had yellow tulips and they opened up really nicely this week. And then they fell over really gracefully. It was pretty cool.

That was the first day the tulips opened. The second is below.

It totally cracks me up that my mum thinks this photo is sexual. And it disturbs me just a wee bit as well. Once the tulips started to fall, I took another shot. They really age very gracefully, opening up and bending over, kind of like a floozy leaning down to take off her shoes and the strap of her dress falls off her shoulder. It’s all just sort of a slide into the end.

See how the petals are furling up so that they’re creating space between each layer? The inner core is still supported, but each petal is starting to move away. Once there’s enough space between them, the equilibrium with the stalk is compromised, and it starts to bend, usually towards a light source.

I drove to my parents house tonight facing this giant ball of setting sun. We haven’t had that much snow this winter, but it’s pretty cold these days. You can tell it’s really cold because of the size of that sun and the fact that there’s not one single cloud in the sky. Here in winter, that means COLD.

I got my mum this sculpture in the arctic this summer. It didn’t quite make it intact, but dad was able to get someone to do a good repair job. It’s a dancing/drumming man and a dancing bear, one made of white stone, the other of black. This is the man’s face.

There’s an ongoing debate where I work about how you refer to a person who fishes for a living. Is it “fisher”, “fish harvester”, “harvester”, or “fisherman”? The answer is usually somewhere between the first two, depending on who you talk to. I’m going with this dude being a Chinese fisherman. Screw work.

This picture also clearly demonstrates my single biggest issue with photography. I can have a horrendously difficult time not moving my hands when I take a photo. I honestly don’t know how to get over that.

A frustrating week. I think I might actually need to look up how to take better photos. Maybe actually have Dani over to show me. Yanno. Anyway, that’s my week in pics.