I start my new job tomorrow, and I’m really rather excited about it. Shockingly, I did not get anything radical done to my hair (my usual response to change). Instead, I did laundry, tidied, and spent some time with people I love.

One of my activities this week involved a walk in the woods with Dad. He lives near a conservation area that I truly do adore. And now I know how to get there myself I think I’ll go there even when he isn’t available. It’s one of those places I’d feel okay with hiking by myself because there’s always someone just around the next bend.

Dad loves this walk because of the deer. I swear, it’s the only reason he goes. Okay, there was a while there where he went for the porcupines, because he was trying to find their nests (they hibernate at the top of trees). Anyway, it’s been a low snow winter for us, which means he’s been able to walk the path without snowshoes all winter long.

He invited me to go with him yesterday, so I drove out there and met him and his giant bag of baby carrots. Yes, carrots. Someone has to feed the deer, right? Exactly. And let me say this about that: damn, those deer are cute. There are a lot of first year deer kicking around. They have little tufts of hair on the top of their heads that make them look like they’re rocking mohawks. It slays me. Really.

It was a great walk.

Thought I’d show you a few pictures of other projects I’ve been working on. First, the quest to make stuff: pillowcases edition.

The light was pretty bad when I took that photo, but it’s a light grey pillowcase with a patterned end. I’m planning on making a series of funky pillowcases and pair them with my white waffleweave duvet cover. It was a little harder than expected, mostly due to my inexperience with the rotary cutter. I’m not good with straight lines. S’all I’m saying.

And also in project make stuff, we have the flower edition.

These are flowers I made from blobs of taffeta singed over an open flame and sewn together in layers. Eventually I’ll figure out how to attach them to bobby pins and they’ll look awesome in my hair. I’m getting on that. Really. Got any ideas?

I’ve been doing some darned good cooking lately, too. I’m feeling pretty cool like that. I’d show you photos, but you really just need to click over to flickr to see them for yourself.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty positive about new beginnings and the life I’m making for myself. It’s time.