In my women’s squash league, each match is three games. You play to 11 points, with each serve yielding a point. Today, I played a game against someone who REALLY shouldn’t be playing in my tier. She beat me 11-1, 11-4, and 11-1. It took about 12 minutes. That would be less than 20 seconds per point, and let me tell you, it took a LOT less than 20 seconds for most points. It took exactly as long as an unreturnable serve.

Since we had the court booked for 40 minutes and since my partner realized that having a tooth pulled would have been more fun than the game I’d just played (I don’t think it was fun for her either, by the way), we spent the next 38 minutes working on my serve and my serve return. I have this to say about that. I suck.  But, thanks to many many pointers from this woman (many pointers!), I may just get better. May. Possibly. Someday.

Right now though, I’m pretty sure I just suck.

I’m discouraged and heading for the shower.