Every time I moan and complain to my mother about how much I hurt after the gym, she says something along the lines of “if you work out so much, isn’t it supposed to get easier?”.

No, no it is not. Because if it’s easy, you’re not working hard enough. There you go, Fitness Ridge. I learned that lesson, and then some. I can practically hear Paige, Michelle, Denae and Sharon telling me that as I sweat and groan and moan. That and “it’s only [insert reps or time here]. You can endure anything for [insert reps or time here]”.

Yesterday I played squash against a new opponent, Anita. We started off our time together with a quick chat about how much we like Utah and the people who live there (she works for a Utah-based company). Then we played. Then she beat me (which trust me, I’m now really starting to expect).

The good news here is that I seem to be getting better, because yesterday’s game took a whopping 22 minutes, a full 50% longer than the last one! And, though I didn’t score a whole lot of points, they were all my points, not because my opponent made a mistake. Which means I hit some pretty awesome shots. After the game we worked on one of my weak(er) spots, which would be how to hit a ball that is served high up and on the wall. I’m getting a lot better and hitting the wall, which has historically been a serious fear of mine. Enough said.

Today, I spent an hour with Trainer Ana who really really enjoys kicking my butt. I’ve decided that for the remainder of our sessions, we’ll focus on cardio so I can torch as many calories as possible. So today we jumped (Ana’s idea of a warmup was 200 jumps… in a row! that’s just evil!), then did step-ups, then ball slams, then stairs, then we repeated that three more times.

I personally thought the combination of step ups AND stairs was a little raunchy. I’ve been having some difficulty with my left achilles tendon. It’s achy. It’s creaky. It’s somewhat cranky. It’s kind of like me after working out. So, step ups and stairs are good, but man, they hurt. We wrapped up today’s workout with some awesome foam rolling of my IT band (oh man…. there were tears. Luckily, they were masked by sweat.) and the use of the vibrating plate thingy to ease some of my achilles issues.

This afternoon I’m going for a walk with a friend who has a new house that i’m going to check out. I love new houses. Hopefully that’ll leave me a little looser for tomorrow. Hopefully!