I was supposed to play squash last night, but my partner cancelled. The league I’m in finishes on Thursday, and all games must be played by then. Unfortunately, I’m in Montreal tomorrow and wouldn’t make that game. So, we played today. A day in which I already had a personal training appointment scheduled. For immediately after the game.


As per the norm, I lost. I played a lot better than normal though. There are still obvious hurdles to my game, but I’m definitely getting better. I felt a lot better about this game, proving that it’s all about the partner, I think.¬†Anyway, we played for 35 minutes and I was a sweaty beast.

And then I went right to Ana. For another 45 minutes of fun. Luckily, only 30 minutes was cardio, and the rest was balance work. There was jumping, there were step ups, and there were ball slams. Then there was more jumping. Godalmighty, there was a lot of jumping.

Long and short of it, I have a shirt you can wring out, a headband that is just nasty, and sore joints. It’s the good times. I hurt, and it’s going to hurt some more in the morning, when I get on a two hour train ride. Oh, the stiffness. Oh the fun.

I can tell this is working, people. I can tell. I’m stronger, I’m fitter, and I’ve lost four pounds since starting my new job. The lack of stress is awesome. Good times!!