I played squash this morning with Barb, the same woman I played earlier this week. Before the game started, she asked me if I wanted to play next saturday and sunday morning. I’m all over that, I thought. (Note: I’m actually going on a road trip friday/saturday, so we’ll just play sunday morning instead.)

Then I find out why she’s asking me for two games two days in a row. Her other partners are all injured! Two ankles, one knee (possible surgery), and a hamstring tear. Uh, yeah. That’s a lot of injuries, don’t you think? And they’re all from squash!

When I was at the doctor this week, I got a prescription for massage therapy. I have some seriously creaky bits going on, and I’m going to try to get them attended to before I have an actual injury. I’m trying to get into see uber-massage therapist, but man, her appointments are difficult to get. This is the woman who helped me learn to walk again after my foot surgery, breaking down the tendonitis as my foot flexion came back. She also made me cry, it hurt so much, and has a puke bucket in her therapy room. No joke.

So, long story short, I’m on top of my creaky bits. And I’m secretly happy that Barb’s other squash partners are hurt, because I *really* like playing with her. Yes, I hope they get better, but yanno. I wanna play! We have really great rallies and we laugh a lot. It’s awesome. It’s fun. You know?