It’s funny how the human body works. About a month ago, I was pretty sick for a week and I didn’t do any physical activity and I rested a lot. Boom! All my aches and pains went away. Aha! I said, clearly my body prefers it when I’m inactive.

But, I really like to eat. So inactivity isn’t an option. So back to the gym I went. Mostly, I played squash – four games last week, four the week before. I like squash because it’s a great stress relief. There’s nothing like smacking the living shit out of a ball to make your day complete. You golfers out there understand, I know – it’s the reason why driving ranges exist.

I’m getting better at squash, but it still kicks my butt every time I play. Yesterday, I played with Barb at 8:20am. Sweet lovin, but 8:20 on a sunday is early. Especially when it’s rainy outside and you’ve got  your windows closed tight so it’s warm and cozy and, most importantly, blissfully quiet in your bedroom. Man, did I *ever* want to stay asleep. But no, I got up and ate some cheerios and toddled off to the gym.

Did you see what I missed in that story? Caffeine. Yeah. Uncaffeinated Kerry is not a good squash player. She’s also not the best driver, but I think we’ll save that for another day (there’s not much traffic in Ottawa that early on a Sunday, for which we can all be happy). It took about 35 minutes of play (out of a 40 minute game) before I warmed up my mental faculties enough to hit more than two shots in a row. I’d look at the ball and not move. It was like my feet were rooted to the floor. Oh man, I sucked. The only benefit is that Barb was also having an off day, so we sucked together.

Barb and I also commiserated about our many little squash hurts. The sore shoulder, the aching forearm, the pained bicep, and my personal favourite: the hamstring. I have a predominant leg that I lunge forward on. See, when you lunge forward, your front foot is flat and your back foot is bent. Since one of my feet doesn’t bend, I tend to do this awesome array of lunging in an almost 360 degree manner, always up to the same foot. Which means that I’m pushing back up off that foot, which requires me to use that hamstring more than the other. Fun times.

Needless to say, I spent some quality time with an icepack last night. I think that I’ll eventually head to the doctor to get some physio prescriptions, but hey… as my orthotic guy said to me, it’s better to wear it out than to rust it out, right?

And with that in mind, you should probably know that I’m starting an 8 week boot camp tonight. It’s only twice a week (thank god), but it’s being taught by Trainer Ana, who I knwo you’ve missed. I have no doubt that she has been trying hard to find new ways to torture me (and the other campers) since our training sessions ended. Good times.

So, this week, I’m at boot camp twice and I’m playing squash three times. The icepack and I are clearly going to be new BFFs. In fact, I may need to invest in additional icepacks until my body gets used to these hurts and moves on to new ones.

Ah, aging. The good times.