Sorry for the absence, folks. I’ve been working out so often I’m too darned tired to blog about it.

Tonight, though, I was playing squash in the league. Vivian and I were playing (I was playing spectacularly badly). We’d finished the game (I won, but barely), and were just messing around when Barb (my regular partner) came and called me out of the court. Her partner for hte night had injured herself by running into the wall. Her glasses opened up a cut on her eyebrow, and because it was a scalp wound, it was bleading a little aggressively. Barb wanted to know if I could have a look at it, since she wasn’t wearing her glasses and I just took that three day first aid course. 

I’m good with blood. It totally doesn’t phase me. There’s a reason why they call me Dr Kerry in my family. Anyway, that cut didn’t even go through all the layers of skin. It looked like the type of scrape you’d get from your watch, to be honest, but because it was on her head and she was flushed and sweaty it was bleeding. I told her I’d clean it, butterfly it shut, and keep it as clean as possible.

I asked Barb to alert the fitness people, since they need to do an injury report. One guy came with a clipboard, and one of the trainers tended to the injured woman. Badly. She cleaned it with a wet paper towel (didn’t wash her hands first, didn’t have gloves, didn’t flush the wound), then butterfly bandaged it shut. Except she didn’t trim the strips, so they were lying on her eyelid.

And then the moment that slayed me. They told her it was pretty deep and that she should go to the hospital. People, it had stopped bleeding by this point. And they told her it was pretty deep and that she should go to the hospital.

Uh, yeah. Work with me. Do you know how much it costs the taxpayers for her to go and sit in a hospital waiting room for four hours, only for them to flush the wound with water and butterfly bandage it shut? At that moment, my public servant cutting people from their jobs every single day heart just fricking broke. It broke. Because you know that woman is going to the hospital tonight. And tomorrow we’re going to be $400 poorer as a province.

In other news, I’m hurting in so many places, it’s ridiculous. My left heel and achilles tendon hurt, my right achilles hurts, my right collarbone, shoulder, and elbow hurt. I just plain hurt. And I didn’t even go to bootcamp this week, because on Monday I felt horrible (pulled muscle in my neck), and yesterday it rained so much I was sure I’d slip and tear an achilles. Needless to say, I’ve booked an appointment with the doc so I can get a prescription for physio. I’m tired. It’s HARD getting to seven hours of cardio a week without getting hurt, you know?