So, I was at the doctor today, getting my various aching bits checked out. The news was pretty much what I expected. I have tendonitis in my left achilles, my right shoulder, my right bicep and my right forearm. I have the start of tendonitis in my right achilles, and I have to get an xray to see if I have any degerative arthritis in my shoulder, which is a possibility since I’ve already had one joint disintegrate (yeah, i know I’m only 35. It happens).

The question now is how to treat these tendonitis issues without having to reduce my current activity levels. I got a referral for physio and am going in next wednesday for a consult. I got another one for orthotics specifically for my squash shoes, which could be a bit tricky since they’re right fricking tight. And I got perhaps my favourite prescription ever:  gel anti-inflammatory. Did you know they have topical advil? Uh, HELLO? Where was this when my toe fell apart? Where was this when I had to learn how to walk again and had tendonitis that shifted as my gait changed? Where was this when I was at fitness ridge? Can you only imagine my joy at this concept? I think not.

I’m getting that bad boy filled tomorrow. You know, if it works, I think I’ll invest in the company that makes it. Pretty darned exciting, I tell you!

In the meantime, I gather I’ll be getting up close and personal with ice packs. And compression bandages. And a physiotherapist named Sean. Woot!