Today was squash day, and man, did it suck. It was a really weird day for me – I got a ton of stuff done, but really none of it was fun. The weather was weird – it was sunny and nice when I left, then morphed to humid as hell, spitting rain, and my hair became a total disaster as a result.

You know when your hair looks horrible, your mood deteriorates as a result. I’m just putting that out there. Luckily, my squash partner was also in a foul mood – she had a car accident, rear-ending someone in stop and go traffic on the highway. Neither one of us got to warm up before the game, cause two old dudes played right til I kicked them out, and then we had a bunch of spectators.

Really, the recipe for nothing but a terrible game was printed in blood. Luckily, neither of us bled anywhere. Instead, we just sucked. Oh man, it felt like January and we were playing as total beginners all over again. We missed everything. I think we had maybe three rallies where the ball was returned more than twice. I spent more time bending over to pick up the ball than anything else.

But! I did get to practice my new “arm saving” squash technique. One of my partners took the squash clinic where our pro taught her a technique to hit the ball with minimal impact on your arm. On a pure physics term, it makes absolute sense. You wait for the ball to bounce on the ground, arc up, and start to arc down and THEN you hit it. I’ve been hitting it still on its way up, which causes a shock wave to go through your arm, and you tense up all your muscles as a result. This new way, I’m hitting the ball in the sweet spot a lot more, which makes it travel smoother and higher and it’s just… easier. Also, it dramatically slows down the game. I’m not lunging everywhere all the time. I’m kind of waiting for the ball to come to me.

Barb was hitting her power shots all over the place. Given that I only hit about 30% of the balls I was supposed to, I’m going to say that over 50% of the ones I returned I hit with this new technique. As a result, my racquet arm is hurting a lot less than it did last time I played.

A friend’s mum saw me tonight and told me that I’m looking good. I would hope I’m looking good – I’m consistently getting around 6 hours of heart pumping activity a week now. My belly seems to be shrinking; a jacket that I thought didn’t fit me last summer now does, which I’ll consider to be a win. My legs are pretty much hard as rock. I’ve got pretty solid muscles going in my upper body. If I could just stick to three meals and three snacks a day, I’d be gold. I’m having a really hard time with that though.

Physio starts tomorrow. It’s going to be interesting – I’ve only ever been in physio for my knees. I can’t even imagine what they do for a shoulder. And your achilles – what could they do for that? We’ll see!

Big changes. Big changes. Time to figure out how to integrate them all!