I was at physio today (my second appointment) and I cannot be more impressed with this physio guy. We started with a test of the strength of my shoulder after two days of it being taped, and man. The strength in my injured right shoulder is now normal, a little stronger than my left, and a little stronger than, um, average.

After a quick ultrasound to ease up the tightness in my shoulder, PhysioGuy did some more uncomfortable but holy effective “mobilizations” to get my arm to sit properly in the shoulder socket. I’ve been stretching like a fool and doing my back strengthening exercises, which is probably why it was tight, and let me tell you, it’s pretty sore now. But I have another new exercise to do (a rotation exercise for the upper shoulder/rotator cuff) and more stretching.

Here’s the thing. PhysioGuy said that he wasn’t going to tell me not to play squash (or do pushups), but that I might want to consider stopping during the therapy because for every five steps we take forward with the physio, playing squash (or doing pushups) will put me two steps back. I’m thinking that’s still a gain of three steps, with the benefit that I’m still being active. On the whole, I think that’s a delayed recovery, but still a recovery.

The dude that I date thinks I should stop playing until it heals. Truly, there’s benefits to this approach. Within a month, the shoulder would be healed up and sitting right. It wouldn’t hurt as much during the process, either. But the drawbacks are huge, to me at least.

Do you know how hard it is to start moving again when you’ve been sedentary for a while? Do you remember the unbelievable pain while you broke your body back into that exercise? It’s so darned easy to be lazy, that I’m scared to stop moving. I’m scared to give up the fun activity. What would I replace it with? Walking around my ‘hood? I hate walking. It’s so boring when you do it alone.

Ugh. Part of this is going to be resolved, since I’m not playing for 12 days after this Sunday. However, I’m also only going to physio once in that time frame. I’ll keep doing my exercises while I lounge by a pool and, um, walk around a lot (sightseeing). But then I’m going to have to make a decision, I guess. Good times!