That’s where I’ve been, honest! People asked me when I got into town/the office/my house why I stopped blogging. I didn’t stop. I took a vacation. Honest! We’re all allowed a vacation, right?

I, of course, took my vacation in Washington, DC, in the middle of the stinkiest heat wave in DC recorded history. Okay, maybe not the stinkiest, but close. Man, it was hot. So hot, I could drink three litres of fluid and still not have to pee for six hours. That’s hot, people. Hotttttt.

But, no nevermind. I’m home now and all is well. My house is air conditioned (it’s hotter than stink in Ottawa, for Ottawa, that is), and my office is… well, it’s sticky. There’s a fan. Allegedly it’s air conditioned, but my employer has a 24C policy, and I’d like you to know that 24C is pretty sticky when you’re in an old building and it’s 100% humidity outside which means that it’s likely 60% humidity inside and ugh. Sticky. I’m not gonna lie – every minute I was in my office without anyone else, I wore a tank top yesterday and today. And I do NOT like my upper arms.

The good news is my right shoulder is getting better. Not playing squash for two weeks definitely helped, as did the back of hte shoulder strengthening exercises. Also, I barely used a computer for a week, and when I got home I moved this computer away from my TV and into my dining room. There’s no more bad posture hunched over the laptop while not really focusing on the TV. Now there’s either TV or laptop. My wrist feels so much better already that it’s rather ridiculous. I also got some new pillows and there’s more overall support when I sleep, which I guess is a good thing.

The physio and I will likely be spending an hour a week together for the next six months, but I should be in good form by the end of it, with good posture and core and blah blah blah. Physio is hard work, people. I’m just saying. Squash league is over as of Thursday until I think October, and I’ll likely take the rest of the summer off. I think I’ll switch to spin class. It’s too hot to live anyway, so I might as well sweat my guts out in the air conditioning, right?

Things are going well. I bought some awesome (~!!!~) fabric in DC and have many things on my sewing agenda. I’m going to take a week off in September and sew my little brains out. Things are cut and pinned and need to be constructed. It’s progress, people. Progress.

I just need to keep making progress. One day at a time. Who’s with me?