Every time I’ve successfully lost weight, I’ve had a weekly meal plan and stuck to it. Not your basic “what’s for dinner” plan. I’m a little more hard core than that. See, people who write down what they eat lose more weight than people who don’t, and more importantly, when you’re working with a nutritionist, they really like to see when you ate what you ate, so they can help you adjust accordingly.

So, here’s my meal plan for the week:

Breakfasts: a WW bagel (150 calories), 2tb of peanut butter (160 calories), and 2 nectarines (100 calories).

Morning snack: 1 slice of light havarti cheese and 8 triangle parmesan/olive oil triscuits. The slice is from the PC pre-sliced cheese section and it’s 140 calories. The triscuits are 72 calories.

Lunch: the patented kerry chicken curry chili, with chickpeas, red pepper and zucchini, and brown rice, for a total of 430 calories. I’m going to have a cottage cheese/fruit cup with that (110 calories).

Afternoon snack: 1/2 cup of fresh pineapple; 1 ounce of almonds. Total: 180 calories.

Evening dinners: I’m being a wee bit lazy this week. I bought pre-cooked roast beef and pre-cooked turkey from maple leaf. They’re insanely low in calories and go very well with the (cough) frozen mashed potatoes and broccoli. Dinners are my achilles heel – doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I never eat what I already have in the house. It’s all about the toast and peanut butter for me. This week, there’s no toastable bread in the house. Total calories: 400.

Evening snack: okay, this combo is pretty gross, but work with me here. I’m having two eggs (140 calories), hard boiled and yummy. And, um, grapes. Man, I love me some concord grapes and they’re in season! woot!

This is going to bring me in somewhere around 1800 calories a day. I’m playing squash Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday or Sunday, and I’m going to the gym for possibly yoga tomorrow night. That brings me to 4.5 hours of working out that’s already planned.

The food is all made, sectioned and packed away. The first day of the food journal is done (with the exception of timing). And I am feeling in control.