So, there’s a handy little part of my food journal that encourages you to do a week in review. I can now tell you that I ate an average of 2119 calories every day and was active for an average of 47 minutes each day this week.

I know, you might be a bit horrified by that 2119 calories, but I will tell you about a couple of things that went wrong. First, I went to Panera Bread for lunch yesterday (there was a day trip to Syracuse for some cross border shopping). I ordered a sandwich and an apple and I thought “hot damn, this is a seriously healthy lunch!”. It was a turkey and cheese sandwich, how bad could it be?

Um. Yeah. How about 970 calories of bad. That’s right, kids. Nine HUNDRED and seventy calories. Just for the sandwich. I almost vomited when I looked it up this morning. It was 510 calories for the bread alone, for the love of Pete. No joke, the dinner I had at a sit down restaurant that included chocolate cake for dessert had fewer calories than that sandwich.

So, that was an important lesson learned. An extra 600 calories one day can really mess you up for your overall weekly scores. Otherwise I would have been somewhere around 2000 calories, which would have made me pretty happy, especially since my activity levels are not really low impact. I’m not talking 47 minutes of walking. I’m talking 47 minutes of hard core cardio.

I also took the first of two squash lessons this week. It was pretty awesome – just my regular squash partner (Barb) and I and the squash pro, Heather. Barb and I are incredibly evenly matched as players – she’s got a pretty wicked cross court shot, and I’ve got a couple of deadly hard to hit ones myself. But we both get completely screwed by shots that land at the back of the court. So that’s what Heather worked on. Oh, and teaching us how to hit with “calm and relaxed focus”.

Clearly, Heather does not know me. I’m uberfocused, but neither calm nor relaxed. In fact, even after a massage I’m not relaxed. Relaxed happens AFTER exercise, not during. But no, she is a pro and she was determined to have my body not get in the way. (Seriously, that’s apparently some kind of technical term for me screwing up my own shots by not being calm and relaxed.)

And, um, it worked. Yeah, seriously. It worked! We spent about 70 minutes in the clinic and then Barb and I practised today, and yeah. I’m a squash pro-star. My long shots are awesome. They’re not all that consistent yet, but the’re awesome. And it is so much easier to play that way – you hit the ball softer, but it goes farther, and it doesn’t hurt your joints nearly as much as whacking the living crap out of it.

Of course, neither Barb nor I can resist whacking the living crap out of the ball periodically. It just plain feels good.

Today I did all my food prep for this week. I’m having turkey and potatoes and broccoli for two nights, some kind of orzo goodness for two nights, and fish for two nights. Lunches are leftover chicken chili from last week and chicken and salami sandwiches. I’m eating veggies all morning, along with the yummy cheese and cracker combos from last week, and protein bars in the afternoon. On the whole, i’m organized, my house is tidy, and I am at peace.

And for once, at least until I put on my PJs tonight, every article of clothing I own is clean. My laundry is all done and put away on the same day I started it. Hot damn, I’m good. 

How’s your week looking?