You know those people in your life who are very organic and embracing of naturopaths and touchy feely stuff? I’m not really that person. I believe in drugs. I do. Drugs are my friend (and sometimes my mortal enemy, as they’ve come close to killing me at least once). Stuff that I can see working within 24 hours satiate my need for immediate results.

It’s sort of ironic then, don’t you think, that I go to a physiotherapist who uses acupuncture? We’re working on my achilles tendon which is creaky but definitively getting better with the exercises and stuff that I’m doing. Much to my shock, after hurting me intensely with some “frictions” (rubbing and manipulating the tendon to break away scar tissue) and active release therapy in my calf, Shawn whipped out his acupuncture needles.

Have you ever had acupuncture? You’ve at least seen pictures of people with dozens of pins sticking out of them, right? Uh, guess what? It really hurts when they put those fricking pins in you. No seriously. It might be super skinny, but it’s still going into your skin and in my case almost all the way down to a fricking bone. Ouch. Let me tell you, there’s a serious incentive to not move because the more motionless you remain while the needles are in you, the less likely the hurt is to begin again. And the weirdest part? By the time they take them out, you can’t even feel it.

Yeah, so I guess my point is, it hurts to get those needles put in you, but they really seem to work. I know. That’s so… progressive of me. I can hardly stand myself. Kerry 2.0 can really freak me out sometimes, I’m just saying.

Next week I’m bringing in my running shoes and he’s going to tell me what I’m doing when I run that causes me to lose feeling in my feet. What, you say? That sounds a little dangerous! Uh, let’s hope not. It’s only an issue when I’m running longer distances, not in any of the activities I currently do. But it is something I’d like to resolve because running burns a LOT of calories.

So, this was not the most active of weeks. I played squash last weekend twice, I hurt myself playing on Tuesday to the point where I had to take wednesday afternoon to work from home so I could ice my shoulder, I made it better during the squash clinic on Thursday, and that’s about all she wrote. Oh, and I bought lunch once at possibly the most out of the way place ever, but I love it and it’s healthy and low calorie, so that counts, right? Right?