So, you know the downside of having a weekend of uber-activity? Hunger. I went to see the nutritionist today and we talked about how to address days where you do more activity than normal (like this weekend, where I painted, walked, and played squash). I painted for a looooong time on saturday, and there’s no way you can tell me that painting isn’t a physical activity. It’s hard work, and I had a serious case of fear going on a the same time, burning extra calories.

I woke up on Sunday at my usual time (before 7) and was hungry instantly. I was hungry all day long. In fact, I had my  morning snack immediately after breakfast, and right before squash. I ate about 2300 calories and went to bed hungry. I woke up hungry again the next morning. By the time I started walking at 10am, I was already thinking about how to shanghai my friend into lunch at the Works. I needed that food.

Interestingly enough, the nutritionist said that on days where I’m doing a lot of activity, I should eat 100 to 150 calories more per hour of activity. So, the six hours I spent painting and prepping and all that jazz would have been about 4 hours of “normal” activity, so I should have eaten 2500 or so calories for the day. I also needed to up my protein accordingly (my last snack was popcorn, and let’s face it… you’re still hungry after you eat it).

On days where I would normally stress eat (and there’s a lot of those coming up, because this is going to be a hell of a fall at work), I need to really manage the protein intake. To that end, we discussed some new snacks that I should start incorporating, including small turkey sandwiches, which I’m totally down with. I’m also going to bring some supplies into the office and leave them there, including cottage cheese and jam packets and a box of crackers to have with peanut butter. If I only liked hummus. Seriously. We also discussed protein shakes like boost, which I’m somewhat resistant to, but may try anyway. (Hey, if I didn’t drink it when I couldn’t eat solid food for over a month, why would I want to start now?)

Got any high protein snack ideas for me?