Today I helped my best peeps with their 3 year old’s birthday party. I was set up and tear down lady – the only person there with no kids to supervise. Anyway, there was pizza and veggies and dips and Holly’s famous cupcakes. Man, that woman makes a good cupcake. They’re like crack to me.

So, what did I do? I had a light food day – smaller meals, same number of snacks. Then I had two small pieces of pizza (400 calories), 2 tablespoons of dip (80 calories), 1 cup of veg (I don’t count those calories). And, no cupcake.

Small victories, people. I smelled those cupcakes for hours, including in a small (very small, subcompact, actually) car. I sniffed them. I loved them. They were so pretty. And yet, I did not have one.

Why? Because if I didn’t, I knew I’d have enough space left to have some lindt truffles when I got home. Yeah, I made a choice, and I think I made the right one. Sure, it was hard not to eat the cupcake, but I really love those truffles. And, since a cupcake is about 200 calories, and that’s a little over two truffles, you totally know I had more than two truffles when I came home  :o)

Small victories. Each one counts.