Man, I was doing so well. I got weighed this week and my weight is now exactly what it was when I got back from Fitness Ridge the first time, a little over two years ago. I lost six pounds after I got home, so that’s my next milestone to shoot for.

However, this has been a hell of a week. I got sideswiped by some bad planning and health issues. Every year since pretty much I was born, I’ve gotten a sinus cold in September. It crept up on me this year and I woke up Saturday feeling like I’d been hit by a hammer. I sort of slept through a foggy weekend (I went to see two movies, and in retrospect I probably shouldn’t have driven that first day), and didn’t really get any food planning done. Well, I got it done, I just didn’t execute. I also stupidly let a prescription lapse, and it’s kind of important cause it controls anxiety and helps me sleep at night.

In combination with a horrendously stressful week (stressful enough that I keep getting to work earlier and earlier hoping to catch up), this cold and my poor food planning is taking a toll. I have done no exercise, having finally learned my lesson on that one (kerry + sick + gym = prolonged sickness). At 10am this morning, I looked at my friend and she looked at me and said “you know, you have sick days”. Yes, I said. I sure do. I went home at noon. And I ate half a bag of chips. The big bag. I’m declaring a mixed result on this though – I put them away after half a bag and then threw them out. And I marked down in my book that I ate them.

I feel better now. I got my prescription filled. I tidied my kitchen. I worked on a puzzle. I had a really simple dinner. And I’m going to bed at 9pm. Tomorrow, I’m starting again. I’m going to make my lunch in the morning. I’m packing my snacks. I’m going in to work on time. I’m going for a walk at lunch. There’s a lot of stuff in your life you can’t control. These things, I can.

So, lessons learned today. Some days, I’m gonna eat a donut and half a giant bag of chips. But it’s not a binge if you can walk away and I did. And, even if you’re sick, you need to have lunches and stuff in reserve. You gotta be ready for these things.