No joke, this has been a weird week. I made some awesome food, I ate it all, I fed my foodie BF and he loved it too. I would like to call a win on this one, because he really loves food and I’m not that great a cook. Note: both recipes came from the currently on the stands Cooking Light Easy Dinners magazine.

I played basketball, which was super fun. I got shellacked in squash, which wasn’t super fun but was probably quite reasonable since my opponent was WAY better than I am. I went to work for four days and got in the mother of all fights with our accommodations people who, for some unknown reason, think that it’s okay to take three months to install new lightbulbs in an office. (I have what you could only charitably refer to as severe SAD, and daylight lightbulbs make my life livable in the fall.) The lack of light has really wrecked me, causing some unbelievable tension headaches this week. Bad enough for drugs, people!

My boss came through big time. I love my boss. I’m going to really miss her when she retires next summer, you know? I told her about this protracted battle about the lightbulbs and she instantly told me I should go out and buy a litebook for my office. So that when the real lightbulbs get there, I’ll be extra happy.

Tonight, my dude and I blew out the calorie count for the day and made some awesome chocolate fondue. There was fruit (four kinds!), angel food cake, lemon poppyseed loaf, and macaroons for dunking. I thought we’d eat it all, but we only sucked back maybe 1/3 of the chocolate (around 300 cals each) plus all of the fruit and a very small amount of the rest of the food. So in total, maybe 1000 calories each for what was, all told, an awesome time.

And! Post-chocolate, the dude was sluggish enough that he made a few errors in the board game we were playing (he beat me the last ten times we’ve played) and I WON! Wait, I need to say this again. I WON!! Was I just as excited as when I won $20 on the lottery earlier today? YES! Did I do a happy dance after checking my ticket? Hell yes. I’ve never won a cash prize in the lottery before, you know. The people in line behind me were all cracking up, I was so excited.

I am a WINNER!

Totally worth the calorie blowout, just for that, I tell you. Totally totally worth it.

So now it’s late saturday, I’m completely chill, I’m happy as all get out, and I’m going to bed to sleep an extra hour. Tomorrow, I’ll go to the gym and bike for 30 minutes. Maybe do some weights and stretching. Because I can.