Despite my joy and seeing visible results in my journey earlier this week, I spent the rest of the week making some really bad food choices. I have a litany of excuses (social engagements, job interview stress, throat infection, etc), but you know what? Those are just excuses. I could have made better food choices. I just didn’t.

The fact of the matter is that I used food this week to comfort myself, knowingly and willingly. It’s not helped by my slipping into a disordered sleeping pattern. Looking back over my life diary (uh, this blog), I can fairly clearly say that this is a seasonal thing. I spent six weeks relearning how to fall asleep last year. I think I need to go back to those habits as a refresher.

I was up at 4am yesterday at 5am this morning. Yesterday I had a damned good excuse – I had a job interview at 9am and couldn’t get back to sleep. This morning? Not so much. I watched the last of this week’s recorded TV, worked on a puzzle, and have made a grocery list. I’m going to take advantage of the fact that it’s early on a saturday and that it’s snowing (you know half of Ottawa is getting their snow tires put on today), and go to the grocery store.

I’m making stew today (6 meals), and have some lovely looking foods that my mum made and put aside a serving of for me. I’m going to bite the bullet and try to find that lemon-dill hummus my bestie shoved at me earlier this year. And yeah. I’m going to prep and chop and organize.

I can do this. I am worth it.