Did you ever have a day where you said to yourself “I can’t retire! what would I do all day?”?

My BF doesn’t ever want to retire. He’s a hustler, always looking for new ways to make money. It’s pretty priceless. I, on the other hand, was built for retirement. I was made for a life of leisure. It’s a good thing I’m good at making money, because not being able to retire at 55 would suck. 

My weekend was what I anticipate retirement will look like. I ate, slept, crafted, cooked, worked out and socialized. The most stressful thing I did all weekend was drive home from the gym in the freezing rain. The second most stressful thing was putting gas in the car. I know. It’s a tough life.

A few weeks ago, the BF and I were discussing our joint lottery ticket for that night. It was a big draw, and I was pretty excited to win it (yes, I think I’m going to win every single time I play). It was his week to buy the ticket though, so he had it at home. He indicated to me that he was going to wait six months to cash in the ticket.


Let’s just say that it’s a good thing crickets chirp fast, because I was all OVER that statement like paper on rock. There’s no waiting, I said. Give me the ticket, I’ll cash it and put his half in a trust fund. Nonononono, he said, we should wait because he was really excited about what he was working on and didn’t want the money to lure him into not working on it anymore.

Uh, no, I said.  I did not want to work anymore, and clearly the person who didn’t want to work had precedence. He indicated that the one who holds the ticket has precedence.

The man had me going for a good 20 minute drive. I was so outraged the windows on my car were steaming up. At no point did I see that he was pulling my leg. He’d started with something so simple, a premise so realistic (for him), that even when he escalated this discussion to a 70/30 split (in his favour, because he has a big family) of the winnings, I couldn’t see that he was just yanking my chain.

It’s possible to love and hate someone at the same time. I’m just sayin’.