I have a cold. I will take this opportunity to demonstrate my manly side. Oh my god, I feel awful when I have a cold. Every single time it’s like “whoa, how much does THIS suck?”. I can’t breathe when I sit. I can’t breathe when I lie down. Every time I roll over a stream of liquid erupts from my eye and nose. I bent over to wrap gifts yesterday and thought my brain was trying to squeeze out of my nose.

And then it did. I had to rewrap one of the gifts. Enough said.

Needless to say, I have done no physical activity since yoga on Monday. In fact, all I have done since monday is eat and whine and attempt to sleep. Oh, I played pool yesterday at my work christmas party. You know, when you’re the boss it’s really not acceptable to call in sick to the christmas party.

I’m playing squash tomorrow and sunday morning, but will not be anticipating anything close to a victory. There will be a nap tomorrow afternoon. There will be much handwashing. There will be good food and fun times, dammit. I have social activities planned this weekend adn I am for sure no longer contagious as of tomorrow. Oh, it’s the good times.

I’ve determined that the bus is a germ bomb. I will be wearing my mittens on the bus for hte next few months, as we make it through the joy of cold and flu season. Good times. Good times.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go and get some cheese to go with this whine  🙂