So, last week (or the week before – they all run together at this time of year) I wrote about being happy and what I think makes me happy. To recap: good relationships, working out, good food, being creative.

I was at the clinic this morning and had a long and gory discussion with the doc about the fact that I stopped using my food journal on sunday. Oh, I had a litany of reasons, most of them having to do with social eating and comfort food (I’m blaming that one on the cold from hell). But really, it’s because I felt guilty. I felt guilty every day when I added up the calories and saw that the total was 500 more than I wanted them to be. And I knew on Sunday I’d be facing seven more days of guilt because I have social obligations and oh yeah… christmas cookies.

The doc encouraged me to think about the journal not as a guilt device, but as a pure act of writing things down and acknowledging what you ate. So that when you get on the scale, you’re not really surprised. And he also said something surprising: if you gain a pound over christmas, who cares? It’s a pound. You can lose it again (though, with nowhere near as much fun).

We talked about the importance of organized eating (packed lunches, protein at every meal and snack, planning where possible) and how that would limit the overindulgences. I agree wholeheartedly with that approach. After all, even when tracking in my head instead of writing it down, I know that I’m still at 400 calories more than I want to be, but it isn’t 1500 calories more. So, I’m still in range.

With that said, I have many activities planned. I’m playing squash Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I’m also going to yoga on Monday, because I need to get some flexibility in this old body. So, I’m on track for the physical activity side of my happiness puzzle.

On the relationship side, I’m convinced the bf and I are winning the lottery this week. More than convinced. We had a long talk about it last night. I’m We’re so winning. I could really get behind a $25M payout. Also, I’m spending quality time with my best peeps on Christmas Eve and a small version of my family later that night. The next day will be a gong show, but I have valium for that!

On the food side, I have discussed the dinner with my Mum (aka “the Chef”). We’ve figured out that our dinner is sufficiently low key (around 700 calories) that any issue I’ll have will relate to the dessert. I have all my lunches for next week made and in the freezer. All I have to do is buy fruit and snacks and it’s on like donkey kong.

On the creativity side, I’m getting my sewing machine serviced (it kills me that it costs $99!), and am chillaxing on that front over the next week or so.

Why? Because I have plans. Big plans! Huge plans! Okay, not that huge. I joined a quilting bee. Stop it. Stop laughing! I did, yes. I’m on the hook to make one quilt block every month for 12 months. God only knows how that’s going to go.

And! I signed up for a triathlon in May. The end of May. That gives me five months to learn how to run. Not that far, either. But, running nonetheless. Good times.

So, I’m committed over the next year to a creative act; over the next five months to a physical activity; and forever to my peeps. It’s all down to food.

I will conquer this, people. I will.