So, I got weighed again this morning. I’m now up only 1.2 pounds from my pre-Christmas weight, so yesterday was apparently a deviation.

I’m so back on track it almost hurts. I switched up my breakfasts today so I’m eating oatmeal in one bowl, cottage cheese/blueberries/jam in the other one. That kept me going for about 2 1/4 hours today (so much better than the week before christmas, when I was eating chocolate at 8:30). I had a skim milk hot chocolate at 10am, and a gourmet lunch of veggie curry, cheese, and cherries. That’s right, I said cherries. Did you know that 4.5 ounces of cherries (that’s a whole mini snack bag) is only 80 calories? I’m so down with that snack.

Also today, I went to buy new shoes. Yeah, I know. I need a new pair of sneakers like I need a new hole in the head, right? Actually, that is wrong. For five years, I’ve bought sneakers with a single thought in mind: no pressure on the big toe joint that I had replaced. Five years, people. It took three years to walk without a limp, then I spent another two wearing shoes that were comfortable. Now I want shoes that will prevent my shin splints.

Yeah, shin splints. So nasty. So uncomfortable. So riddled with tendonitis. I have a couple of options to pursue, the last of which is the most expensive.

  1. New shoes that fit my actual gait (check). This will hopefully neutralize my stride and prevent the shin splints from occurring.
  2. Stretching and foam rollering the sore spots. I bought a foam roller today to assist in this. For those of you who’ve never used one, it’s a high density foam cylinder that you apply body pressure to in order to release a muscle. So, if you have a tight butt (as I do), you would sit on it and roll back and forth. It’s painful, but it works, especially in conjunction with stretching.
  3. Yoga. I’m going on Mondays from now on. I’m not a big fan, but I need the stretch. Also, since it’s included in my gym membership, I like it. Cause free and cheap are my two favourite words.
  4. A stride clinic. My physio offers this – it’s three hours of sessions in stride correction. First there’s an assessment. Then there’s correction. Then there’s tuneup. It’s expensive and I feel like an idiot going there. It’s not like I’m a runner. I’m only running because it’s the third part of the try a tri. And I only have to run 2km, so really? Not worth it.

So, I’m on track to get to that 2km with minimal pain between the new right stride shoes, the foam roller, and my new high tech sports bras (dudes, if I’d known I could look that good in a sports bra, I would have bought this kind YEARS ago).

I’ve also printed out the rec swim schedule for my local pool. They have drop in adult classes on Mondays and Wednesdays for $8 if you buy a package, which I will. And their regular swims are only $4 each, which I’m totally down with. This weekend, I’ll find my bathing cap and goggles and will be ready for next Wednesday.

And, in other news about being back on track, I’ve been working on this financial plan for about six months now. My primary goal in that six months was to a) understand where I spend my money; and b) not add any debt. Now that I have those two things in hand, I know where to cut with minimal pain. I think it will surprise no one who’s ever worked with me that this area is my daily diet coke purchases. Not that I’ll be eliminating diet coke; I’ll just be bringing it into the office on the weekends, thus saving about $40 a week. Between that an bringing my lunch four out of five days, I’m golden.

I went to the bank today for my first annual financial review and it was good. It was actually my first positive banking experience in, uh, my life. And I’m the child of bankers! We went through all of my debt repayment options and I’m feeling really positive about the one I chose. And, while I was there, I managed to close out some old debt vehicles and reduce the ridiculously large credit limit on my credit card. I mean really, who needs a $29K limit on their credit card? No one. That’s $16K more than I paid for my car, for the love of god. It’s a good thing I have perfect credit. And yet, if it gets you that stupidly high credit limit, how is that a good thing?

So, I’m on track with the food. I’m on track with the fitness. And I’m on track with the money. If I could only get my house on track, my domestic¬†life would be so close to perfect it’s ridiculous.

Bring it on, January. I own you. You are my bitch.