Yesterday I got a call for help! In fact, the subject line of the email was “HELP!”. That’s how I knew what the call was for, evidently.

One of the other ladies in my level of our squash league was looking for someone to replace her in this week’s game (played on thursdays). She has some shin splints going on, and didn’t feel like she could represent. She emailed four women, one of whom (my regular partner) was already sparing for someone else, another of whom threw out her back in the Monday league, and the third who, um, broke her damned ankle in a game on monday. Doh.

That left just me. And because I’m a bit of an idiot sometimes, I said that I’d play two league (ie really competitive) games back to back last night. And yet, I had already said to my parents that I wanted to go for a walk in the woods yesterday afternoon, and since there was an outside chance of it being sunny yesterday, I wasn’t giving that up.

Let it be noted that I worked out for 2.5 hours yesterday. And I’m so hungry today I just had a snack the size of a full meal. Oh, and I lost both squash games, though I ran my darned face off (and could actually wring out my hairband). But still, it was fun. And, thanks to some judicious stretching, I don’t even hurt (that much) today. Okay, I twinge, but I’ve hurt a lot worse than this!

I did no activity today. Tomorrow I have squash, Sunday I have squash and a walk in the woods. This week I will have worked about 7 hours, mixed up between a whole bunch of different activities. I’m getting to balance. I’m getting there.