I had a few rough days last week. I am a seriously bad stress eater, people. Seriously. I had a meeting on Thursday that stressed me out so much that I actually purposely went to a scone restaurant, bought two scones, and loaded them up with lemon curd and jam and ate them. Yeah, right before lunch. Thursday was a complete food disaster.

Thursday night, however, was AWESOME! I had a squash game and a lot of rage and I used it all. See, I’m not very fast. I’m also not all that flexible. In a game like squash, speed and flexibility are pretty key, since you need to get to the ball and until you are really good at figuring out where the ball is gonna go, you’re often turning around with all your momentum going in totally the wrong direction.

But, I knew I was gonna lose thise game. And I told my partner up front (I’d never played this woman before, but she annihilated my regular partner, who I only very occasionally beat). I asked for some tips about how to improve, and we played.

It was sort of like a miracle happened. Every hard cross court shot I attempted landed perfectly, bouncing to a really difficult return spot. My serves were solid. My returns were pretty good. I was on FIRE. I’m telling you, I ran and cut and shimmy shimmy ya’d my way all over that court. I worked it, people. I was fast, I was flexible, and I was totally responsive to the situation.

I didn’t win, but I certainly gave my opponent a run for her money. She actually did a happy dance when she won, because there was some doubt that it would happen. Yeah, I took her to five games and I rocked it.

I played again yesterday and today, and I can safely say that I feel like a new woman. I’ve got my dinners and lunches all cooked up for this week, my snacks all bagged up, and only one food related chore to do. My dishes are done, my laundry is done, my linen closet is organized, and my basement stairs have been vacuumed. (It’s been a couple of years, and I learned a serious lesson about the need to keep up the maintenance on the only carpeted area of the house.)

The weather is gonna suck tomorrow (quel surprise) – it’s rain/snowing right now and we’re sposed to get about 4″ overnight. I, of course, have an appointment at 8am that I can’t miss. Awesome. It’s going to be an absolute clusterfuck of frozen rain/snow tomorrow, with a dramatic temperature drop. Good thing it’s going to warm up in a couple of days and the crap will melt. I hope. 

This week is going to be better. It is. I can feel it. Can’t you?