When I met with Dr F on Wednesday and had my crying jag, I think it’s safe to say I didn’t have a lot of positive energy going on. In fact, I was sucked under by pain and doubt.

Luckily, I have a pretty great boyfriend. You see, G has a weird genetic quirk resulting in the deterioration of both hips. He had them both replaced before he was 38! He knows joint pain and the emotional suckage that goes with it. I was at his place on Wednesday, post doc, and he was totally mocking me and my falling apart body. See, for a year I’ve been making fun of his moans and groans and aches and pains. I got it all back this week. He actually made me laugh about it.

Thursday my bestie and I emailed back and forth and she brought me down another notched or 12, shoving me away from hysteria. And I started taking the cursed painkillers on Thursday morning, and yeah, they actually work.

No, they don’t get rid of those sudden movement stabbing pains, but that’s what the athletic therapist is for – and I have an appt with him on Tuesday. I’m sure he’ll give me some brutal exercises that I’ll do while watching people play squash . But they’ll no doubt stabilize all the bits around the aches so I can not feel them as much.

It helped a lot that when I went to squash on Thursday, someone immediately volunteered to play that night’s league game. My regular partner is still recovering from bronchitis, and we had a good common bitchfest, which I think helped us each to come to grips with taking a bit of time off from the hard workouts.

Something Dr F said to me in Wednesday stuck with me. He said it was normal to turn to food when you’re having a hard time coping with life. He also said that, even if you’re going to eat crap, it should be on top of your healthy organized meals, not instead of them.

I ate half a bag of cookies today, and then I ate my planned dinner. Holy lesson learned. Cookies are okay, but they’re really f’ing painful on top of Turkey sausage and broccoli and rice. I guess technically under those foods. They’re being tortured by protein.

This weekend I’m going to do stuff around the house. I will literally put my house in order. It might not be the gym, but it’s still a release of stress. It’ll work, because I believe it.

Also, because my dude was so great, and because we met a year ago this weekend, I’m taking him to a movie. Sure, the star is hot, but stuff will blow up, so we’ll both be happy.

Have a great weekend, all!