Sadly, not the lottery. But, I won at squash today! I beat my regular partner who, just to remind you, managed to shellack me a few weeks ago with a full blown case of bronchitis.

It’s been a while since I won at squash against B. Like, since the beginning of January. I don’t know why, but today I was on fire. My serves were dynamite (except for my two mulligans), and I was moving the ball really well around the court. Me, not so much. I was not going very fast. I decided to try playing wearing my actual glasses, and it’s possibly harder than playing without prescription lenses. Kinda weird, but it’s like I’m watching a movie with the occasional cell lifted out, so it’s kind of jumpy. Random. Other than that, it’s much clearer, for sure.

You know where else I won? Watertown, NY. My Target trip was a surefire success, as was my brief sojourn at Joann’s fabrics. Very exciting, I tell you. I’m still a little irked at Target’s clothing sizes, but I’m moving on. I bought some really cute rubber boots, and two sets of really bright sheets. At the grocery store, I bought some chobani greek yogurt, which I absolutely love and totally wish would come to Canada. (Please, Chobani!) I also bought two kinds of cereal that they don’t sell in Canada anymore (Raisin Bran Crunch and Cracklin’ Oat Bran). Cereal is a bit like crack to me, and seeing my childhood favs all over again makes me a bit nostalgic.

So, the three of us left at 8am (ish, cause H misread the email about when she was getting picked up), were in Watertown at 10:30, left around 4pm, and were all home by 6:30pm. We ate two meals while we were there. I went for a four meal approach yesterday, knowing the calories were going to be higher than I liked. Sadly, this meant that I was super cranky by the time I ate the second meal of the day, since it had been more than 5 hours since I last ate. Grr. I then ate too quickly. The good news is, the calorie count was under control in the end.

So, a winning weekend all around. Woohoo!

How was your weekend?