I read this blog where there is a regular feature called Tidy-Up Tuesday. It cracks me up because it’s so real. Often when you read things about organization, they’re so… Oprahfied. Kind of like everyone has thousands of dollars to invest in “storage systems” and professional organizers.

Anyway, although I don’t have a tidy-up tuesday, I do have a tidying task that I do every weekend. For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on weeding out the closet.

You see, like most women, I have a closet with four different clothing sizes in it. The one I wear, one size smaller, and two sizes bigger. I don’t have many clothes on either extreme, but they are in there.

So for about two months I’ve been segregating my closet by “clothing I’ve worn in the past three weeks” and “everything else”. And I’ve had a couple of bags on the go, one for “wow… what was I thinking when I bought that?” clothes, and one for “yeah, this shirt now has the effect of making me look bigger than I am, not smaller” tops.

I gain weight in my torso, primarily, and over the years have gained it above and below my belly button. This makes a pretty big difference in your shirt size, if you’re a woman. Now that I have less girth, I have shirts that just plain balloon out on me. It can be pretty funny, and pretty depressing at the same time.

Last weekend, I brought three garbage bags worth of clothes to the St V de P in my neighbourhood, and have a trunkload of coats ready to go. Yes, kids, coats. I am a coat hoarder of some reknown. Sadly, when you go from a 20W to a 16 (no W), those coats not only don’t fit, they’re actually no longer warm because of the amount of space between you and the coat. I’ve been cold basically since January. S’all I’m saying.

This weekend’s task was fairly simple, and yet, fraught with emotion. It was (drumroll please)… the sock and underwear drawer. I know, I groaned too when I was thinking about the task. Should there be any random male readers out there, you should know that women hold on to their underwear beyond when they should. And they universally have too much gitch as a result. I don’t know about other people, but I also hold onto my socks, too. I buy new socks, but never go through my old ones to weed them out, til I see there’s a hole.

Today, I threw out about 20 pairs of underwear in three different sizes and about 25 pairs of socks (mostly mismatched, some at least 10 years old). You can’t give that shit away, people. No one wants it. I also threw out some hole-y clothing. One dress that I mistakenly decided to wear last week that really needed to be a lot smaller (it was a wrap dress – wrap your mind around what happens when a dress you need to tie closed is too big). And a hoodie that I could probably wear comfortably with two wool sweaters underneath.

I still have more work to do. Eventually, I’ll get all my clothes (winter and summer) in one closet. And then, eventually, I’ll be able to address the issue of workout clothing – it needs its own small dresser, but what a pain to have to buy and build. But, each time I weed through my wardrobe, I feel a little lighter. A little more committed. A little more at peace with who I am today.