I remember being a kid and it seemed totally effortless to spend hours in the pool, chasing others and oh yeah, particpating in the swim team. Yeah, I was actually a competitive swimmer. Not a good one, and not for very long, but I swam for hours every day nonetheless. I didn’t love the swim team, but I loved hanging out in the pool.

Fast forward 25 or so years. Damn. Swimming is HARD. Yeah, I still love to hang out in the pool, but pretty much only that. I have a really hard time regulating my breath. I’m a little worried about the triathlon – I’m not sure how to slow down enough to breathe regularly, and I’m always panting as a result.

Clearly, I was at the pool tonight. I was glad to get back into it. The pool in my neighbourhood is funny – it’s seriously kid and senior friendly (reflecting the neighbourhood makeup, i guess). It’s hot, weirdly shaped, and overly chlorinated. The “adult swim” is a bunch of seniors with float toys drifting around the pool and chatting. Seriously. It’s kind of a challenge to do a lane swim while dodging the drifters.

Long story short, I did exactly my required 400 m of endurance builders and came home. I’m hoping that I can embrace my inner swimmer in the next seven weeks. Barring that, I’m hoping that I can just make it 100 m without passing out.

Who’s with me in lowering expectations? Woot!