i’m sure that those of you who’ve met me will not be in the least bit surprised that I have a Coachella eating strategy. In fact, I met with the nutritionist specifically on this topic, aka “how to survive on festival food”.

Now that I’ve seen a list of food vendors, I think my primary concern is going to be portion sizes. The vendors are not your typical Canadian chip truck and beer tent, which makes sense once you remember that they need to feed 75,000 people two meals a day for three days, and about 30,000 more for breakfast for four days.

So, what’s on offer? I gather we’re looking at an eclectic mix of Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and hot dogs. There are air conditioned food courts (thank god, as it’s going to be over 30C and sunny every day) and food stands around the perimeter of the festival (I gather, from the intel I gathered on the Coachella message boards). I thought that I was going to get walloped by French fries, but I actually think that might not be a problem.

I’m not overly worried now, since I’ve seen an overall site plan which makes me think it’s about a mile from the campsite to the festival. Since I’ll likely be going back and forth a couple of times a day and standing the rest of the time, I think I should be good on the activity front.

My only remaining concern is hydration. I have a tendency to under hydrate in deserts, resulting in crippling kidney infections (super fun when you’re in the middle east!), so I know I really need to pay attention to the amount of water I drink on this trip. I’m bringing two refillable bottles and some flavours (in case the water tastes like crap). It might actually be my favourite thing about this festival – they have four refill stations at the festival site, and you can fill any size water container at them. Sweet.

I only have to battle the travel munchies. Irregular meals and time changes will mean I’ll eat at least one and probably two meals more than normal tomorrow. C’est la vie. I’ll more than burn it off over the next few days.

Apparently I’ll be able to blog from teh festival site using my ipod touch. If it happens, awesome. If not, wait for next week. You totally know this is gonna be awesome! (Oh, the people watching. The people watching!!)