I know that mist of you know me as gymnauseous Kerry. Before this bloggy version, there was pop culture Kerry. She loves her some loud music, not so much the giant crowds.

And yet, I am totally and madly in love with this festival, this evolving city of 75,000 festival goers, around 30,000 of whom are living on site. It is Packed with people who really aren’t old enough to have the monEy to attend. It is loaded with people who are drunk and stoned. And yet, there’s no violence, no shoving, and even the pukers are good with their aim and hitting the garbage cans.

But who cares about that? What about the music? Omfg, I can’t say enough about it. Last night, when Mumford and Sons left the stage I actually cried out “noooooo! Come back!”. John laughed at me, heartless bastard that he is.

That band… God DAMN they were good. Super high energy, a crowd that as totally into them, and ballsy enough to play two new songs in a 60 minute set, he second of which had the audience super engaged. Now, most m&s songs start slow and build to a rocking finish. They could, I guess, mix it up a bit. I don’t really care – I love their current cd and they look so damned happy when they’re performing live. They’ve got one guy who plays the keyboards and emotes. Seriously. I swear I felt everything he did.

Funny thing about my adult relationship with music – I have no idea what the artists look like anymore. And, as I get older, I really don’t care. I want to know that they’re enjoying the show. M&S clearly was enjoying it – and frankly if I was looking at 40000 or so clapping, dancing people, I’d be terrified but enjoy it too.

And then, Arcade Fire. I had a hard time getting into their new CD, but no problem at all getting in to their live show. Man… That is a SHOW. Like…. Old school awesomeness, wall of sound, could hear it in town kind of show. So much energy, it infected the crowd.

I also saw Erykah Badu, who was unbelievably awesome. She blew lauryn hill out of the water. And lauryn hill was good, totally making up for the crap show we went to in 2004.

I’ve seen a lot of new to me groups so far, including Skrillex, Tokimonsta, Sleigh Bells (I’m totally downloading their stuff), the Aquabats, and Crystal Castles. I saw part of the Robyn show (but not the song I really wanted), and a great set by the low key Black Keys.

John had a hard time getting up yesterday because his face had melted from all the amazing music. I couldn’t rouse him at all this morning, which doesn’t bode well for our “get out at 8am” plan for tomorrow morning.

My dude asked me what it’s like here. John and I have been adopted by a mother and her 14 year old daughter who are camped next to us. We’re using their canopy a lot, as John and I have two ovens fir tents. See, we’re camped on a polo grounds, which means there is literally no shade. So it’s about a million degrees in the tent by 7:30am. The ladies next to us have a canopy, as do the vast majority of car campers (bastards who didn’t have to pay to check their damn luggage). They also have coolers and lawn chairs. I enjoy shade. More importantly, my pink and white burns and freckles but never tans skin enjoys it.

I haven’t burned yet though I attribute this not to my sunscreen but to the layer of dirt that covers every exposed area of skin. It’s very dusty, sunblock attracts dust, and the lineup for showers is over an hour long. Thank god for wet ones and bottled water. I’ve backpacker the grand fucking canyon for four days and been less dirty than I was at noon yesterday.

I understand that many of the artists I was so excited about seeing here will be at ottawa’s Bluesfest in July. I’m totally going to see them again. That’s how great the music has been.

Sometimes you need a kick in the ass to remind you that you love something with all your heart. I love music. I love the way you can feel it in every fibre of your being when you’re standin near a speaker. I love the expressions on the artists’ faces.

I wanted to be a music journalist, back in the day, but I didn’t wantto be poor forever and I didn’t want to grow to resent the thing I loved so I chose a much different path. I don’t regret it, but I evidently do need a periodic reminder of the love.

So glad I came here. So vey very glad b