I thought about having an actual meal today, but it was too much effort. Went to the doctor this morning, and he told me I have infections in both ears and my sinuses. The mucus is so stuck in my head that it’s blocking my hearing and causing my throat to look “mucky”.

I have two words for you: sinus irrigation. Yes, it’s just as gross as you’d think, and no, I don’t want to reveal the gory details. Also, prolonged time spent in the shower. And drugs. Lots of drugs.

So, to recap, my immune system basically said “hey, you’ve been pretty healthy since January 2010 when you  had that strep throat for six weeks in a row, how about we give you… ” Pinkeye. More pinkeye. Two ear infections. And an infection in your overall sinus “area”.

I was scared to ask the guy when my hearing might come back. It makes me nervous to drive with reduced hearing. It also puts my sense of balance off. I am also scared of the pain of my ears popping, which you know they have to in order for me to hear again. Mostly, I’m wondering when I’m going to be hungry again. I’ve pretty much been living on cereal and the occasional toasted skinny bagel and peanut butter. And popsicles. Lots and lots of popsicles.

In short, I’m really miserable. And bored. And clearly not going back to work tomorrow. And clearly not going to the gym for at least another five days. And… did I mention bored? It’s not even like I can go to a damn movie – I could neither hear it properly, nor could I get away from the guilt of blowing my nose that much.

Right now, this day, my life pretty much sucks. With luck, pharmaceuticals, saline, and steam on my side, hopefully tomorrow or the next day it will be back to something close to normal. I like my regular life. I want it back.