Today I “met” with Kelly, the awesome trainer I work with at BMI Medical. I didn’t actually shlep my butt all the way down to see her; with the price of gas and parking what it is, we met by phone. Apparently, this was a first for Kelly. After mocking me for a few minutes for being too important to meet her in person, we got down to business.

I needed a pep talk. I needed someone to tell me how to work out when I’m still congested, when I’m still tired, and when I still have antibiotics coursing through my system. I also needed a smack upside the head. A bit of a reality check.

The folks at BMI are really good at reality checks. You know what Kelly told me? This is going to sound familiar, because I blogged it on Saturday. I will have no problem finishing this triathlon. I was never going to have a hard time finishing this triathlon. Okay, a year ago I may have had a hard time, but I’ve played a lot of squash since then. I’ve done a lot of swimming, spinning, and yoga since then.

But, I need to get back on the bike. I need to get back in the pool. I need to try to run. More importantly than trying to run, I need to do some strength training. And I need to do it now. I told Kelly the pressure in my ears (I lost some hearing again today) made me scared to get in the pool. You know what she said? “Get some ear plugs. I expect to see you there tomorrow.”

I played squash tonight with my best friend. She’s 5 months pregnant. Now, Holly is an athlete, where I am an uncoordinated unathletic person who tries to be an athlete. I think she emerged from the womb an athlete. She picked up squash seriously well. She was pregnant when she started playing squash, and she’s way more pregnant now. I sweated like a hose was attached to me, for the love of pete. And she almost beat me. Mother of pearl, I swore a lot. And did I mention the sweat?

We’re playing again tomorrow night. And then I’m going swimming, with my new silicone no water in your ear plugs. Wednesday night I’m taking off. Thursday I’m going to (gulp) run. Friday I’m going to bike. Saturday I’m going bowling, because dammit, I can.

I can do this. I just need to get back in the saddle. With sweat. Maybe some tears. And likely some kleenex. Because this congestion still isn’t moving through all that quickly. And I’m going to need some friends, because when you’re away from formal exercise for this long, it’s really tough to get it going again. You need companions. You need someone to laugh at you and smack you upside the head. You need a reason to get off the couch, because when you’ve been sitting in it this long it molds to your butt and is extra comfy.

Sweat. Friends. Commitment. I’m doing this. I own this. I am woman. Hear me ROAR.