I went to Carleton University today to swim in the 50m pool. It’s actually where my triathlon is being held this weekend, which was a double bonus – I got to check out where I think we’re going to exit the pool building and try to figure out if I can lift myself out of the pool.

I really like the Carleton pool. It’s very clean, the water is on the chilly side, and the showers are nice cubicles. In short, it’s pretty much the opposite of the pool where we’ve been training, which is very hot, very chlorinated, and very much a community centre pool. It’s alright, but it’s a very different environment to where we’re competing.

I took swimming lessons at Carleton for about a year, when I was recovering from my foot surgery. I was always in the advanced class, and we did our lessons in the 20m wide dive tank. It’s also hellaciously deep, as it has a 10m diving platform above it. In fact, the whole deep end is really deep, because they also do synchro there. I enjoyed those swim lessons a lot, and swimming in the deep end meant you never got a chance to put your feet down.

So, you’d think I’d be comfortable in the pool, right? Guess what? I totally freaked out as soon as I hit the deep end on the first length. Like, bordering on a panic attack, pulled over to the side of the pool, and had to take a serious break at the end of the first 50m freaking out. What was that all about? Oh yeah… I never wore goggles in those swim lessons. I never saw just how freaking deep that pool actually is. Doh.

Anyway, I trundled on. I did 100m front crawl, decided it might be easier doing it breast stroke so tried that, timed myself doing the crawl, decided maybe I should try backstroke and yeah… that’s totally what I’m doing on Saturday. My head’s out of the water, I don’t have to worry about running out of breath, and I can’t see the bottom. I’m totally down with that. My time, in case you’re curious, is about 2:40.

I’m glad I went to check out the pool and time myself in those conditions. I am. Now I’m going to try to forget this experience until Saturday morning! Also, I’m going to try to forget the fact that I noticed today that large sections of my bathing suit are falling apart. Never fear. It’s only gotta get me through one more swim. Just one. It can hold on for one more swim. Plus, I’ll be wearing a sports bra under it anyway, then shorts and a shirt on top, so who’s really gonna notice? Right?