Wow. This has been a pretty awesome vacation so far! Totally not my traditional vacation, but who cares?

I will confess, I have made absolutely no progress on my plan to paint the front hallway. However, I have done the following:

  • Went to Upper Canada Village. It was really interesting. I was most intrigued by the wool factory, the house where they make quilts, and the dressmaker’s shop. The dressmaker was pretty opinionated, which was rather funny. The day was sunny and hot and there was a great breeze from the St Lawrence River. Despite my dad’s lack of printed directions, we managed to get there and back without getting lost or killing each other.
  • Visited my friend Dani in Manotick. Oh man, we crack each other up. I’m such a child sometime. We went to Watson’s Mill in Manotick (she’s taken about 50 pictures of it since she moved there, and it really is very scenic). They had a drawing of the different parts of a grain of wheat. About 80% of wheat is apparently made up of something called “endosperm”. I totally gave Dani the elbow and snickered. She rolled her eyes. That’s how our friendship goes.ย 
  • Purged the snack cupboard. I should preface this by stating up front that I hide food that’s bad for me because if I don’t, I eat it. The problem with this is that I had three years of hidden food in a cupboard. Three years of candy and granola bars and skinny cookies and smartfood clusters. Clearly, I didn’t like a lot of those foods, since I didn’t eat them. Anyway, it’s all gone now, and I have a new cupboard where I think I’m going to put mailing supplies and cheques and stuff.
  • Purged the living room. I was watching CityLine recently and they had Brian Gluckstein on showing you how to stage a bookshelf. All I could think was “that’s pretty, but where do they put their stuff?” Then I looked at my bookshelves and realized I have too much stuff. So, most of it is going to charity now.
  • Installed UV film on the upstairs windows. I have a house with 10′ wide windows. To put that in perspective, my house is only 15′ wide, so these are some seriously large windows. Oh, and they’re about 6′ high, too. They face due east and due west, and I get a LOT of sun. Which is great, because I love sun, but I also have a flat roof and… well, it’s hellaciously hot in here. Enter: reflective window film. I put it on the downstairs west facing windows a few months ago and it’s made a big difference there. It was also really challenging and not so much fun to do. This time, armed with the knowledge gained from making mistakes, I pre-cut the pieces and had different instructions for my partner. We were done in 35 minutes. His 2 year old didn’t even get antsy, that’s how fast it was. Third floor west facing windows are done and look awesome.
  • Ordered some cute clothes from foreign fashion emporiums. I’m going to do a future post on this topic.

Tonight I’m going to Blog Out Loud Ottawa to support the bloggers who are reading their work out loud to an audience, some (maybe most?)ย of them for the very first time. I’m really looking forward to it! And, I’m going to wear a dress! Why? Why not.

I’ll leave you with a gift from my friend Dani, a very talented photographer. It’s no secret that I do not have the most positive self-image. I had asked Dani about, um, eight or so months ago if she’d take a couple of photos of me that might make me rethink how I see myself. We had some scheduling challenges but when we hung out yesterday, she took this awesome photo of me. Yeah, I look pretty good! ๐Ÿ™‚