Do you remember when you used to get fun mail? I used to get letters. They were fun. Now I only get fun mail when I pay for it to be delivered to my house (I’m talking about my Entertainment Weekly subscription and funky fabric, mostly).

Thursday, I ordered a few items each from Carmakoma and Asos Curve, and this morning they arrived within 10 minutes of each other! Sweet! In fact, I was in the middle of the first group of try ons when the second package arrived. Doh! Holy deshabille, people!

Anyway, here’s what I ordered:

Very cute, a little shorter than I’m used to, very lightweight, responds quite well to being belted. Definitely a 3 season piece (but not for winter, without something much warmer in the mix).

I love this dress, but sadly, it does not love me. It’s about 1″ too small at the narrowest part. Balls. It’s going back.

And a black jersey dress with lovely pleating that I can’t find on the Asos Curve website anymore. Damn.

From Carmakoma, I got:

Yeah, not only do I love this dress, but this dress loves me. It’s got a V neck and back and an asymmetric hemline that’s a little longer front and back than on the sides. It’s a very thin jersey and is very flattering.

Love. Love. Love. Needs a tank top underneath because I am less than chesty. Incredibly flattering. If it had pockets I’d seriously try to live in it. Definitely a three season dress.

I’m quite excited about this belt. Really. I know. Who gets excited about a belt? I do, because it’s exactly wide enough to make me look like I have a waist!

So, I think I’ll count that a win, give than 5/6 items fit very nicely and only one has to be returned (albeit to England, so you know I’m trying to figure out the cheapest possible way to ship it back there!). Very quick service, very quick shipping. Overall, quite a win!

Wait to go!