I got a call from Mike (the saint) at my Kia dealership today. He told me that they found the problem of the death rattle. Something to do with a loose piece on a piston that, because it was loose, caused a rattle for a year and some. Because it had been loose for so long, the piece actually damaged the piston (something something – I listen cause it’s good to know, but I have no clue and since I don’t write it down I’m not quite sure of my recall) and, wait for it, it isn’t repairable.

So, I’m getting a new engine. And, because Mike’s a patient saint, he’s thrown people at this job and I should be getting my car back on Thursday or Friday. Hot diggidy damn! And, because it’s a brand spanking new engine, it needs to be filled with oil when it’s installed and that means – wait for it! Yes! I don’t have to pay for an oil change!

So, thanks to the generosity of my best friends who lent me their van and the miracles of warranties, my own persistence and, let’s face it, the sainted patience of Mike the service manager, I’m getting a new engine for free and my car will be like new as of this weekend. Yeah. I’m very excited!

I went to yoga last night and as always, it was very humbling. It’s hard to really imagine how hard I suck at yoga. Let me put it in perspective: there’s about 40 people who show up to that class. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one the instructor visited four times in one hour. God love her, she’s working on modifications for my horrendously inflexible self, but yeah… it’s an evolutionary process and my body is changing just that slowly!

I also have an outfit photo for today, my third consecutive day of eating exactly within my calorie budget (1900 calories, which I know most people think is insane, but is about what I can eat without feeling deprived). This was actually taken in my office and has a funny story attached to it. Idile (a friend who is also my assistant) followed me to this department. In my office when I moved in they had furniture older than I am, but cheap and ugly and totally not ergonomic. Not cool. We had the budget to replace it, so Idile and I looked at furniture. The poor furniture guy came in and asked what colour I wanted. I said “light”, and Idile said “dark”. We had quite the discussion about the benefits of light vs dark furniture and the poor furniture guy suggested a compromise. Thus the front/top of all furniture is light, and the bottom/insides of all furniture is dark. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

Today’s outfit was professional and cute. I read a blog post that talked about larger women and sleeveless tops. It said that it doesn’t matter if you cover your arms with sleeves, the person looking at you can still tell you’re (insert size here). So you might as well be comfortable. It’s hotter than heck in my office and I have the right to bare arms.

I got that shirt at Winners on the weekend. Let’s just have a moment here. I went to Winners for something that isn’t a home organization item. Yeah. (My mother is picking her jaw up off the floor now.) I pretty much hated it, but I’m on a budget, so a $14 shirt is pretty much my friend. Pants are three years old and from J.Jill.