Man, I had a randomly busy weekend. So busy, I only had one very short nap. I went to see two movies, hung out with my best friend H, did the car handoff, did the laundry, and the groceries, and food prep.

I did a lot of food prep. Like, a lot, considering I bbq just about all my lunches and dinners in the summer. What did I prep?

  • Fruit – I cut two cantaloupes and one pound of strawberries into single serving containers. I also separated out 4.5 oz baggies of cherries (that’s 80 calories, in case you’re curious). Yes, I do feel a little lame about weighing my fruit, but whatever. Calories are calories.
  • Cheese – I eat a lot of 100 calorie baggies of cheese. Right now I’m pretty heavily into cheese curds, which generate 9 servings for $7.50 (that’s pretty good bang for your cheese buck).
  • Turkey sausage. Sadly, I realized on the bus this morning that the smell of this sausage made me a little queasy. That’s too bad, because it’s a really low calorie source of protein (1 calorie per gram of sausage).
  • Grilled veggies – I cut up and grilled 9 peppers and one of those insanely large Ontario zucchini. Seriously. What do they feed zucchini to make them so big? I had to quarter it to make the pieces pepper-sized. Not my best grilling experience – i should have split the veggies into two batches.
  • Chicken thighs. This is for some dinners this week.
  • Pork tenderloin, also for dinners.
  • Quinoa, which, when combined with 3 servings of grilled veggies and some stir fried chicken strips makes for 3 good lunches (which are already made and sitting in the fridge).

It was my first time cooking quinoa. A small baggie really made a shocking amount of quinoa. It has a lot of calories though – 170 cals per serving, for only 5g of protein. I hear it’s a superfood but am not quite sure how or why, so will ask the nutritionist when I see him next week. 

It’s dark, damp and miserable in Ottawa today. I really fought getting up this morning, and despite wearing a new outfit, do not feel confident at all. I’m staring a day of paperwork in the face, so have some tunes cranked on my ipod. I feel for the people who sit outside my office, but whatever. The major saving grace about today is that it’s a lot cooler – I turned off the air conditioning at home and the air flow in my office has been restored to awesomeness. Boss voice worked a bit, but siccing my admin assistant on the maintenance company generated not only fast action, but an apology for the first guy walking away. Sweet!