Apparently automation was supposed to bring us four day work weeks. Sadly, that didn’t happen, so we are left to cling to the beauty that is a three day weekend whenever it rolls around.

Last week was rough for me. Rough enough that I actually had forgotten there was a long weekend coming up. I’m not ashamed to say that my happy dance in the elevator when someone told me it was a long weekend made the rounds of gossip in the building. But c’mon – shouldn’t you dance when you find out you’re getting an extra day off? Exactly.

Regardless, I did pretty well on the food. Okay, I ate the food I was supposed to eat, and then some. But at least I ate what was expected most days. Then there was Thursday. Oh, Thursday. I only went to work that day because my boss and I had a meeting where I was going to explain something quite specific and time sensitive. I was so tired, I decided to leave at lunch. Because I have no verbal editor sometimes, when I told someone she was in charge in my absence and she asked me where I was going to be, I actually said I was going home to have a nap.

I could have lied, but really? I needed a nap so badly, I could weep. I actually may have wept. I went home, forgetting that my cleaning lady would be here. I sat in my guest bedroom while she finished up in the master bathroom and then settled in for a nap. A three hour nap. It was actually more like a sleep, considering I took off my clothes and put on my PJs.

Thursday was a bit of a food blowout, involving both swiss chalet and a DQ blizzard. Basically, I ate too much this week. However, I also upped my activity level, as my fitness partner B came back from several weeks out of town. There was a lot of squash. The act of hitting things helped out with my battered heart.

I really needed a long weekend. It’s not that I did anything with it, really. I saw a movie (Crazy Stupid Love, which was amazingly tender and funny), sewed together most of a quilt top, did some mending, worked out, saw my family, and did a boatload of laundry. Nothing exciting. Today I’m going to BBQ my foods for the week and have a nap.

If you had an extra day off every weekend, what would that look like? Nothing really different than you do now, I think. Just at a slower pace, with less hectic frenzy and more relaxed intention.

It is my sincere hope that automation gives us the four day week within my work lifetime. I think we’d all be a little nicer, a lot happier, and way more relaxed. Don’t you?