When I lived in Montreal (from 9 to 15 years of age), I had a friend named Stephanie. On our first day of Grade 6, Stephanie was new to our school and was assigned to me to be her buddy. We were best friends until Steph moved to Toronto, and by the time I followed her a year later, we had drifted apart. We lost contact until 4 years ago, when Steph found me through my old blog. We’ve seen each other a few times since then, but not often enough.

Turns out, we’re really not that different today than we were when we were 12. We’re both nerds. We’re both good people. We have many of the same quirks. We’re sort of like people who were separated at birth. Steph is the only person I invited to NYC (my other guests asked if they could come, and I said yes). We exposed our nerdy sides a couple of weeks ago when we both felt extreme relief about having an itinerary developed for her trip so I wouldn’t duplicate activities. And, by and large, we totally stuck to that itinerary.

On Saturday morning (after about 15 hours of travel for Steph, who was stuck in the middle of a contract dispute by Toronto airport security people), we headed out to use our New York Passes. For those of you who don’t know the joy of pre-paying for stuff, I’d like to introduce you to the concept. You pay for the pass for x number of days, and for that time period your entrance fees for 55 or so sites are paid. Uh, hello? GENIUS. Especially if you’re me, because I get bitter and resentful when I pay for stuff that wasn’t worth the money.

After enduring some awkward transit moments (stupid weekend transit changes), we made it in the nick of time to a 3 hour full island boat tour of NYC. Did I mention that the weather has been sunny and clear for three days? Hold onto your hats, people. Seriously blue sky pictures coming up.

Steph on the ship.

Obligatory Statue of Liberty shot.

I’m sure this is a bridge into Brooklyn. I *think* it’s the Brooklyn Bridge. But I’m not 100% sure.

Above and below, plants on the High Line, an urban park made from an abandoned elevated railroad track. The High Line smells amazing – like natural soap products. And the people who work there are incredibly passionate. It’s well worth a trip.

View between the buildings. Seen from the High Line.


Kerry and Steph at the top of Rockefeller Plaza. We’re trying to pretend that Central Park is our backyard.

Cathedral, as seen from 69 stories up.

Subway steam being vented in Times Square.

Art embedded in the tiles at Prince Street subway station.

The view from the bridge from Queens to Brooklyn at 7PM.

I’m really really glad Steph came for a visit. Other things we did that I don’t have specific photos of: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Madame Tussaud’s (Steph has many many photos!), a very scary trip to Bloomingdales (not a friendly shopping experience), eating at Virgil’s BBQ, walking around Soho, shopping at LOFT.

I had a great time, and a total commitment to make it to Toronto to see Steph more often. Hopefully she can generate clear sunny skies and hot weather, just like I did for her in NYC!