See? I was at the Cloisters! Too bad it was closed.

Looks really pretty, doesn’t it?

This dog drank right from the fountain. Thus ensuring forevermore that I’ll never use an outdoor fountain again.

The Riverside Historical District on the upper west side has this hidden, beautiful war memorial.

Lovely, isn’t it?

The Riverside Historical District is one beautiful house like this after another.

Leslie, moseying through the neighbourhood like she belongs there. I, on the other hand, gawked like a total tourist.

It’s amazing to me how much plant life is still alive. It’s the last week of October! Here’s a lovely window box on an historical limestone house.

Every so often, you’ll run across a skinny house in NYC. Last night, we saw one that was maybe 12′ wide. It was for sale, if you’re interested. I liked this one – it’s sandwiched by majesty and an apartment building, and it stands out by itself.