Not actually from Williamsburg, but I thought it was kinda funny that a light blue VW bus got to the top of the heap in this NYC style parking lot.

Cause I know most of you have read this post.

Leslie surrounded by mirrors and bikes. Weird combo, but it worked.

If you own a letterpress machine, the Williamsburg Flea Market is really a great place to pick up parts. This box was going for $30 – you could mix and match the pieces from other boxes, as long as you kept each box full.

Cause yanno, if you’re gonna eat lunch outside, this might as well be your view! (Manhattan from Williamsburg.)

This is the Williamsburg bridge. The Manhattan bridge is in the background. I have no intention of hoofing the Brooklyn bridge. It’s a suspension bridge, people. Creepy!

Great names for sauces.

Vintage ties, shirts, hats and clothing for super snazzy dudes.

Random parking lot squirrel art.