I had an awesome day yesterday. The weather forecast called for warmish and sunny (a high of 18C), and I decided to make my way to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to take advantage of the lovely weather. So, Leslie and I spent another hour on a bus, courtesy of directions from the Metro Transit Authority. In retrospect, I think I should have taken the subway and walked, but that’s not what was technically easiest, so we bussed instead.

Guess what? The Garden is free on Tuesdays from 10-12! Sweet! Totally made up for the lack of Cloistering on Monday. We moseyed around. Here are some of the highlights.


Perfect light.

Yellow goodness.

From the desert conservatory.

I had a bonsai tree once. It was indestructible. Until I threw it away. I loved the bonsai display.

They have a hothouse conservatory that’s so hot, it steamed up my glasses AND my camera lens. Also, the orchids grow without dirt. Their roots just hang out there. It’s kind of like an alien plant.

I would like a feather hair attachment that looks like this. (I totally wanted to clip it and bring it home, but I smartened up.)

Kumquat. I totally wanted to take one of these, too. But I smartened up.

This is called the “wet shrimp plant”. It made me giggle so much I took a picture. It looks like something from SpongeBob, doesn’t it?

Funny how my tropical plants never looked like this.

From the herb garden, these are mini hanging pumpkins.

Bees are still pollinating here. Seriously. The rose garden was a hive of activity.

The rose garden, by the way, is spectacular.

As is Leslie, posing here next to the Betty White rose. Many of the roses have awesome names.

Don’t you wish you could take this rose to the paint store and get it colour matched?

Even though its petals are falling off, this is still an excellently beautiful heritage rose.

I loved loved loved the Japanese garden.

It was a spectacular day.

There’s a meandering walk around the pond in the Japanese garden. It’s very lovely and peaceful, except for the teenagers trying to attract the koi.

There were clusters of turtles by the pond, taking in the sun, getting a nice tan.

After we left the Botanic Garden, we walked over to Park Slope, which instantly became my favourite part of Brooklyn. This is the entrance to the Brooklyn Public Library. They don’t mess round.

This is the Civil War memorial in Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza.

This is “the American” from the bagel shop where we had lunch. I had to strip it down. But damn, it was good. As was the homestyle brownie I had for dessert. Leslie had chocolate Rugelach for dessert and she almost wept, which is saying something since she’d just eaten “the best bagel in the WORLD” (her words, not the store sign’s, for once).

The sign from the hat shop where I bought my fabulous hat (photos to follow).

Park Slope turned out to be a lovely lovely neighbourhood. So lovely, I’d like to live there. I could actually afford to live there, too. Old houses turned into apartments and condos, and some single family homes. Little parks and lots of neighbourhood stores and cafes and restaurants. And the people weren’t quite so hipster as Williamsburg. They were a bit older and, well, normal.

Last night, Leslie and I went to see a play called Asuncion, written by and starring Jesse Eisenberg (the fast talker from the Social Network). It was good, though ambiguous. I felt a little more than I wanted to in the end, which is probably the intent of the playwright. There were some wickedly funny lines in it, including one discourse on masturbation that had me in tears. The play was off- Broadway, in Greenwich Village. The theatre was historical and tiny, and we were in the second row. Seriously. You could see nose hairs. It was a little intense.

All in all, it was just about the perfect day. Great weather, great activities, great company, and we saw our first famous person up close and personal (Jesse Eisenberg, and Justin Bartha, too!). Yay!